Corporate Services

  • Commercial Companies Law – formation, merger, transformation and liquidation of companies, legal services rendered to the governing bodies.
  • Establishing foundations and associations
  • Consultancy services regarding credits, loans, debts, disputes with banks and other financing institutions
  • Legal support in business and commercial negotiations, also connected with financing
  • Drafting and negotiating contracts related to broadly understood economic activity, in particular commercial, investment, financing and cooperation agreements
  • Due diligence audits
    Legal representation in court disputes
  • Full day-to-day corporate “housekeeping” for commercial companies, foundations, associations, housing cooperatives and cooperatives, including foreign entities and foreign capital
  • Holding and conducting meetings of governing bodies of commercial companies, foundations, associations and housing cooperatives; legal representation
  • Assistance in drafting contracts, statutes, by-laws and other regulatory documents governing activity of business entities and their authorities
  • Litigation cases

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